At Tidal Wave Soccer Club, we focus on player development. We believe that players can best learn the game in an atmosphere that is creative, fun and challenging. Our staff is made up of coaches with a passion for the game with extensive coaching backgrounds.



In 2002 David and Tom Tidwell, formed a soccer team for their daughters which the team decided to call “Tidal Wave” The players came primarily from Rehoboth and Swansea/Somerset and they all had one thing in common: they were looking for a home where they could learn to become the best soccer players that they could be.


TIDAL WAVE is the only club in the SE Mass/RI region to have its own fields.

TIDAL WAVE has one of the best records of preparing players for college success in the MA/RI area.

TIDAL WAVE trains ten months of the year. Our indoor training is held at facilities designed for soccer, not gymnasiums.

TIDAL WAVE is a small, player-centric club that focuses on individual growth and success. Tidal Wave is distinctly and intrinsically different than the mega-clubs that focus on  business 

At Tidal Wave, our dedication and commitment to excellence, integrity and hard work is the basis for player success on and off the field.

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Mailing Address:

776 County Street 

Attleboro, MA 02703

Field Address:

160 Danforth St

Rehoboth, MA 02769